Hundreds of trees and shrubs have been planted around Harelaw with other areas left open and managed Forest Replantas meadows and other pockets left as ‘non-intervention’ to allow natural regeneration of yew, holly hawthorn and

ash. Our aim has been to create discrete but flowing patches of woodland. We have areas of willow, poplar & alder which are coppiced or pollarded with the long-term aim of providing firewood for the cottages (along with thinning of sycamore). In addition we have a birch grove, a pine knoll and a host of would be specimen trees dotted around the place.
Throughout the property we have planted a large number of fruit trees – again grafted ourselves. There are some 40 varieties of apple, 15 pears, 10 plums & gages, 7 cherries and 4 hazel nuts, not to mention a range of more exotic hard and soft fruits however they are not pampered or chemically treated and will have to be tough to survive the hard annual frosts, winds and usual summer drought.