500 metres of native hedgerows have been planted. Wherever possible local provenance (locally collected seed, home germinated and grown) hawthorn and blackthorn have been used as the mainstay. However those naturalist amongst you will note an unusually wide range of UK native species, including bearberry, guilder rose, alder buckthorn, red-berried elder, bullace, spindle, etc, and some wildlife friendly non-natives such as the heavily berrying Himalayan tree cotoneaster and the viciously thorned ‘Arran crab’. All the hedges at Harelaw were ‘laid’ between 2008 and 2009, but every 5m or so we have left a standard tree, these are mostly to provide fruit for the future, but also include some specimen trees.On the roadside, where visibility is an issue a ‘scrumping’ hedge has been planted. This consists of blackberry, red, yellow, white & Black currants, gooseberry and Jostaberry – all species which should recover from an annual or biannual prune to ground level.