There are 6 bat boxes around the site, none of which have yet been used. In addition bat access into the loft space of Hoolit and Leveret has been included in the cottage design. You will also be able to see that some 20 roof tiles have been altered to allow access to the space both the normal and ridge tiles. In 2009 I sat at the back door of the main house, and watched at least 120 pipistrelle bats (a maternity colony) leaving from the back of Leveret cottage – what a great sight, and after all that hard work grinding down tiles and creating special access points, they ignored these & found their own spot! In addition to the owl cam, we now have a bat cam (in need of improvement) which gives a great view of the sleeping bats. The downside of this is that my moth trapping success has declined, although I have been able to identify a few species by the discarded wings!! see later